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7 Facts You Must Know Before Teeth Whitening

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  1. Whitening does NOT damage your teeth – We’ve all heard the saying there’s “too much of a good thing”. This applies to everything, including teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is very safe if done correctly, but whitening too frequently can lead to sensitivity and limits the amount of time your teeth have to remineralize naturally in between treatments. Always use whitening kits and treatments as instructed and space out treatments or discontinue use if you experience extreme sensitivity.


  1. Sensitivity is NORMAL – Teeth whitening affects everyone’s teeth differently. Ultimately, it comes down to genetics, but more than half of people who have tried teeth whitening have experienced sensitivity in one form or another. Teeth whitening dehydrates teeth temporarily, leaving you with a noticeable whitening affect. This effect tends to disappear over time, as does the sensitivity, especially once your teeth have a chance to remineralize and rehydrate. This is normal and it should subside after a few hours to a few days. Just remember – everyone’s teeth are different!


  1. Teeth = Sponges – It may not look or feel like it, but your teeth are actually quite porous and respond and absorb everything you eat or drink (one of many reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables!). Dark liquids like coffee, tea, wine, and soda are known to stain your teeth over time because their pigments are absorbed into your teeth. Always brush and floss after eating and drinking to avoid and prevent staining.


  1. Always whiten at night – As mentioned in #3, your teeth absorb everything they’re exposed to. Teeth whitening dehydrates your teeth, making them more vulnerable to absorbing dark pigmented food and beverages after whitening. This is why it is best to whiten at night before bed. Not only does this help avoid direct contact with food and drinks, but also allows your teeth to remineralize naturally while you sleep (you can thank your saliva for that!).


  1. Whitening takes time – While some there are some whitening products on the market that are stronger and more effective than others, no one product can give you immediate and lasting whitening results. Some people will see improvement in as little as 1 treatment, but for others it may take an entire kit and still some may not notice any difference at all. It also heavily depends on personal dental and dietary habits.


  1. Not everyone will achieve the same level of whiteness – While many people will notice results from most whitening products, not everyone will achieve the perfect white smile they set out for. Your teeth have a natural limit to how white they can get. Once again, it all comes down to genetics.


  1. Only natural teeth can be whitened – Teeth whitening kits and treatments are formulated for natural teeth. They will not whiten or affect artificial dental implants or devices like caps, fillings, crowns, or veneers.
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