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A Brighter, Healthier Smile In Just 2 Steps

6X Healthier Mouth & 6X Whiter Teeth in 1 Week vs. ordinary toothpaste.

Feel the difference from your first use with this daily 2-step system.

Crest's biggest breakthrough in toothpaste since fluoride.

Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day, or as direceted by a dentist or physician. 

What's In This Kit?

1 x Purifying Cleanser 4.0oz (113g), 1 x Perfecting Gel 2.3oz (65g).

Is This Right for you?

Upgrade your daily brushing routine to the new Crest HD daily two-step system. We've isolated ingredients to deliver superior results with a Purifying Cleanser and Perfecting Gel. Step 1 strips plaque away and Step 2 polishes and whitens for an amazing experience that lets you feel the difference from the first use. Try it today and upgrade to a more luminescent smile with 6X healthier mouth and 6X whiter smile in just 1 week.

How to Use

Step 1
Brush for 1-2 minutes with your Step 1 Purifying Cleanser to strip away plaque.
Step 2
Brush for 1-2 minutes with your Step 2 Perfecting Gel to polish and whiten your teeth.

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