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Teeth Whitening Disclaimer

Our products are extremely effective and the best reviewed in the world. However, there are many factors that can effect results and perception of results. Here are some of the most common.


Teeth are genetically different. Teeth whitening will only whiten to your natural whitest tooth color. Some individuals' natural teeth have a slightly yellow tint. So it important to be realistic with your expectations.  


Also all tooth staining is not created equal and will react differently to whitening. For example, antibiotic staining is for more difficult to remove then wine staining. 

The Hour Hand Effect

The whitening process is usually spread out through several treatments so the change can be subtle. This can cause people to think the whitening is not as effective as it actually is. We recommend taking a photo before and after to compare.

Repeat Customers

Occasionally, customers who whiten for the 2nd time expect the same dramatic results from the 1st application. Because, your teeth are now a much lighter shade, you will see results just not at pronounced as the first time.

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